Chain O' Lakes State Park Riding Stable
8916 Wilmot Road (inside Chain O' Lakes State Park), Spring Grove, IL 60081-8104
Phone: (815) 675-6532
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Chain O' Lakes State Park
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Chain O' Lakes State Park Riding Stable
Chain O' Lakes State Park Riding Stable

In today's world where everyone is "connected," there is a place nestled in northern Illinois where you can be disconnected.

Chain O' Lakes State Park Riding Stable offers a refreshing retreat into the beautiful rolling hills of northern Illinois, just a stone's throw from the Illinois-Wisconsin border. This area is only an hour's drive from Chicago and Milwaukee, yet it allows you to enjoy camping, boating, hiking, biking and horseback riding in a rural setting. Bring family and friends along for an opportunity to reconnect with each other in a peaceful environment.

The waves of long native prairie grass and lush green forests provide a scenic backdrop for your break from the everyday grind. Whether your escape into nature involves a quiet trail ride or a group-oriented wagon ride, we can help make your getaway memorable. So come on out to our area of Illinois, where you can be disconnected yet still enjoy countless tweets.

Already open for the 2014 riding season. We look forward to seeing you soon. All prices subject to change.

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